The adult leadership at 698 is strong.  We are comprised of active parents and community members who see the benefit of our kids in such a great program.  We have a passion for all that scouting represents and are dedicated to helping our 698 scouts reach their full potential. We are committed to help our young men reach their goals and to provide them with just the right amount of guidance to get them there. 


And as good as our adult leaders are, the scout leadership is just as good.  Being a smaller troop means that our boys have a greater opportunity to be in leadership positions.  Our senior patrol leader and the PLC meet frequently to plan everything from our meetings to campouts.  


Sam Kim - Committee Chair

Mr. Kim has been involved in scouts since his son joined as a Cub Scout. He served several years as a den leader starting as a Tiger Den Leader. He served remaining years in Cub Scouts as a Committee Chair
leading the Pack. Now, he brings his experience in Scouting as the Committee Chair for the Troop.

In addition to scouts,??Mr. Kim has coached many of his son's sports team and enjoys watching and playing various sports especially tennis and

Our Adult Leaders

Mr. Dawson - Scoutmaster
Mr. Dawson is an adult leader who is committed to making these young men grow into productive and responsible members of the community.  

Mr. Rever - Asst. Scoutmaster

Mr. Rever has been involved in scouts since his son could join as a cub.  As a den leader, he oversaw the activities and meetings of a group of boys who have come up through the ranks together.  In addition to scouts, Mr. Rever has coached his son's baseball team and is active in his church.  Now as an assistant scoutmaster he is dedicated to seeing all of these young men reach their scouting goals.

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